Art by year 4 student

Art by year 4 student
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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Week 5 Homework

Your homework task is to write a short story using as many of your spelling words as you can.
Post your story below for others to read.

Spelling words: die, tie, lie, pie, flies, fried, magpie, science, society, fiery, diseases, nomadic, restricted, conflicts, resistance, anxiety, piety, piebald, variety, dietary.


Anonymous said...

This is a story about a boy named Jeremy and his piebald horse named Resistance. Jeremy and his horse are best friends. They move from place to place with nomadic family in Australia. They get to see a variety of places that most of society doesn’t get to see all the time, unfortunately.

One day after a long play with Resistance, Jeremy wanted to play cricket with his family. His Mum and Dad were too busy. His Mum was on the computer and his Dad was searching science books to cure diseases, so he decided to play alone but his brother and sisters volunteered to play. Jeremy was happy.

Jeremy restricted his horse by tying it to his family’s motorhome. They were playing cricket, Jeremy did long shots, his brother did short shots, his sister did big shots and didn’t notice. It flew into the air and it went faster than magpies racing across humid sky. The ball was lost.

Mum and Dad were too busy to talk. Jeremy said that he was going to find the ball alone. He was looking in the bushes, he was looking in the trees. He was looking under the dust and leaves, but there was still no sign of it.

Then he saw a kangaroo… but wait! It was a joey on the side of a little hill. Then Jeremy saw a mommy and daddy kangaroo. Jeremy was screaming and was very, very, scared. He was full of anxiety. He was lost in the middle of Australia. After one hour, the sister and brother were very sad that their brother had not returned. They searched for him, not far from the motorhome, but could not find him. They went back to the motorhome and told their mum and dad that Jeremy was lost. The family was in conflict.

The Dad said, ‘We will not give up.’ The Dad got his shotgun and went out to find Jeremy with Resistance. They were looking and looking, but there was no sign of Jeremy.

While Jeremy was with the kangaroos he wasn’t as scared then. The mum kangaroo let Jeremy go into her pouch. He was happy. Jeremy got to play with a baby joey. He was playing with the joey, jumpin’, jumpin’, jumpin’. The kangaroos gave Jeremy a little bit of bush tucker food. He found an egg. He cracked it and fried it on a very hot rock. It tasted nice. Jeremy found his ball, but he didn’t really care, he just wanted to have fun with the kangaroo.

Jeremy’s dad and horse were very tired after searching. They finally found him. Jeremy was in a bit of trouble because he said that the kangaroo wasn’t dangerous and that he didn’t tell his Mum or Dad where he was going. But the kangaroos were scared because of the Dad’s shotgun, going’ Bang! Bang! Bang!’ Jeremy stopped the kangaroos from jumping away and hugged them and stopped his Dad from using the shotgun.

The two families became friends.
The Dad thought the kangaroo had diseases. They took the kangaroo’s home and gave it some apple pie. It was bouncing around. Everyone had a drink of water, at least 3 bottles the dad had said because of the long walk. At home they sat by the motorhome, took some equipment, and went to the billabong and made a fire. The fire helped to keep away the flies.

Jeremy was grateful that that the kangaroos didn’t >\die, and his horse Resistance and his dad found him. The dad knew all about science he was able to cure the diseases by helping the kangaroo with a new dietary plan. All the kangaroos got better. The family continued their adventures with Resistance and the kangaroo family, and Jeremy learnt a lesson and not to lie or go out without telling his Mum and Dad.

By Jaiden

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jaiden, I enjoyed reading your story. What a wonderful effort! Well done.
- Mrs Lewis

Anonymous said...

Wow! Great story Jaiden

Love it

Ali 😋

Anonymous said...

This is what I wrote for week 6 homework: There once lived a girl called Lilly, she lived with her mum and brother. Her brother was always wearing a TIE. Her dad was a SCIENTIST that studied really rare diseases. For work Lily's dad had to live for 3 years in Africa. It was really sad, but Lilly's friend the MAGPIE tried to keep her happy so time would go by quicker. One day when Lilly was having a PIE for dinner, two FLIES came in from the window. They were really strange because they could talk they said that there was a FRIED something outside. She didn't hear the last word. When she finished eating her PIE she went outside to see what it was, she saw the SOCIETY having a CONFLICT about who would have the first PIEBALD monkey. Nothing about something FRIED. The next day on the newspaper it said that there was someone that was trying to make someone feel PIETY by LYING. Lilly got worried that the FLIES had something to do with it.The next day at lunch time the same two FLIES came in the room and said there was a FIERY sausage outside Lilly went outside to see but this time she asked her mom to come with her. She didn't feel save without her mom. When she was outside she saw a VARIETY of RESTRICTED doors that said DIE,TIE,LIE,PIE,FLIES,FRIED,MAGPIE,SCIENCE,SOCIETY,FIERY,DISEASES,NOMADIC,RESTRICTED,CONFLICTS,RESISTANCE,ANXIETY,PIETY,PIEBALD,VARIETY,DIETARY(All the spelling words)on each of them. Lilly went into the one that said magpie because she had the idea of her friend the magpie. When she was inside everything was white nothing was in the room, the walls were white, the floor was white. Lilly tried to get out the door again to reach her normal life but the door had disapeared she told her mum that they should walk until they found something so they walked for hours after hours they didn’t see anything. In about 1 year of walking the mum said that she gave up. The next day the first step they took they fell into something they kept on going down until they reached somewhere that looked like a jungle but her brother ,her dad,her mum and her friend magpie were there. Lilly didn’t belive what she was seeing .She was in the jungle with her dad .There was an awkward silence and then everyone hugged together in a big circle. Lilly’s dad said that there was a house in the middle of the jungle that was bran new that they could live in so they went to the middle of the jungle were they found a big giant house that was actually made to be for 10 people but they were only 5 including the magpie so they lived there all the rest of their lives and lived happy in their house for about 40 years.

P.S i hope you liked it!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time there lived a small dragon called Bubble, and why do you think he was called bubble? well because he blew bubbles instead of fire.

Ever since he was born Bubble was perfect the only thing that wasn't perfect about him (apart from his toenails) was that he couldn't blow fire! All his brothers and sisters could blow big streams of fire and cook their marshmallows till they were burnt to the crisp, and toasted mashmallows are a DIETARY staple for dragons. This brothers and sisters were called Firos as in very FIERY breath, Burntey as in burnt by the fire he breathes, Hotsnoz as in having a really hot nose from breathing to much fire, and last of all Bubble's only sister, Crisp as in as FRIED to the crisp from her hot breathe.

The reason why Bubble was called bubble is as simple as 1, 2, 3, it was because when he was born he happened to have really bad hiccups and by accident he hiccupped a bubble so that was why (oh and if your wondering it was kind of because of his toenail as well).

First problem:
Bubble thought that his name was lame and not interesting at all. He really wanted to be called something like Magnifiso or Dino and a VARETY of other interesting names. He usually tried to LIE about his name to new people at school or people that asked what his name was, but he usually got RESTRICTED from the T.V for a week if he lied.

Problem 2:
Bubble was also ashamed that he couldn't breathe fire like every one else. All his siblings tried to help him be more like them by making him eat really hoy PIE but it just burnt his tongue.

one day when bubble was catching FLIES in his bubbles and then popping the bubbles so that the flies fell to the ground to DIE. He thought it was fun but Crisp took pity on them. A man knocked on the door and asked the Mummy dragon if he could put a special story in the newspaper about them. 'Why' said mummy dragon. 'Because I hear you have a special boy, who breathes bubbles instead of fire' he said. At the word bubbles, Bubble sat up and stopped catching flys letting one fly get eaten by a MAGPIE. Then Bubbles asked his Mum and the journalist 'why are you talking about me?' The journalist explained that the whole SOCIETY of dragons thought it was magnificence that he could breath bubbles, without having any DISEASES and that it could not be explained by SCIENCE.

His mum showed some RESISTENCE and ANXIETY about him being in the paper because she didn't want people to laugh at him. But in the end everyone through he was amazing and named him Bubble the Magnifiso. This is what Bubble had always dreamed of!

The end.

p.s hope you like it.

Anonymous said...

i miss lewis i can not find my home work i could do it at school o friday 4.2

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I liked your story's They're very creative . I enjoyed reading all of them .


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