Art by year 4 student

Art by year 4 student
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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Cooba Camp 2014

What do you like to remember most about Cooba Camp?
What is something you learnt about team work?
Do you have a funny story to tell?
Please post any ideas you have about the Year 4 camp experience.


Anonymous said...

camp was so fun everythink was fun about it apart from the fact that I hade a really sour tummy one night, we realy presed our team work skilles to the limit


Anonymous said...

IT was EPIC !!!!! the flying fox was my favorite.


Anonymous said...

THE bugles wer the best thing in cooba camp!!!!!!!!!!!!!! louis

Anonymous said...

Great comments everybody! the flying fox and buggies were awesome. I was very impressed when you were all working as a team. Well done!
- Mrs Lewis

Anonymous said...

I loved camp my favourite thing was the flying fox.


Anonymous said...

The first day it was raining so we did a quiz and they asked us the name of the busdriver but we didn't know so we wrote BOBBY TOMSON.


Anonymous said...

Archery was fun but it was super cold.


Anonymous said...

my group got lost when we tried to find box 23 in team triva.

but it was fun

Anonymous said...

I loved camp cooba . I had so much fun . I absolutely loved everything !!!!!!!!! 😆 . I also liked the food .🍰🍎🍐

Sofia said...

Hi, Mrs Lewis, hi year 4's.
How's your class going?
Have you enjoyed your camp and your pop up books?
Isn't Mrs Lewis a fun teacher!
I heard that you all loved the flying fox. So did my class in 2013.
Ok, have fun and enjoy being in year 4.
(Mrs Lewis student in 2013)

P.S I will try to not be late for school for school!
(just kidding)

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