Art by year 4 student

Art by year 4 student
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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Holiday Fun!

 What are you doing these holidays?


Anonymous said...

I am going to Canada!!
The movers are here right now
and they are crappy!!

See Ya,


Anonymous said...

I went to Dubbo Zoo with my cousin Maddy I took 59 dollars to feed the animals but we didn't instead there was a big shed with bikes you can rent we rented 3 bikes for me and my cousin Maddy my dad and Peter my brother.Peter sat on a baby chair on my dads bike.There were also carts you can drive in but it was way fun on the bikes going on the roads and bumps on the roads and going down hill.On the last day we went to some caves the caves had carbon dioxide however you spell it and killed some people so the owners closed it down.In the cave I went in there were peoples signatures and we went to a cave were we were standing rite on water the floor was one meter long.after we went to the well not a real well it is just a hole that was filled up with water there was no bad injuries but the worst one was.....
a rolled ankle and that was the guy who was taking us through the caves.The caves got flooded and all the tools got drowned or found on the last step into the cave.Next we went to the thunder cave the guy told the hole 15 people that if you stomp hard less sound would come and if you stomped with about 4 people it would sound louder.Finally he told us about a lady a friend of there's (who lived a long time a go and is dead)she marked her signature three times in different places but it the same little cave.The third one was on the roof of the cave in a little tunnel it was impossible to get there but she could not use a ladder the start of her name started with a M and she could only do the M.We were not allowed to touch the walls people also used it for a church,lots of rock called lime rock got damaged they also put candles in the rock that ruined the rock totally.The lime rock was easy to brake of with bare hands.on a big rock was a bible it was still sitting there.The rock where the bible was sitting on was on the biggest rock and half was covered with new crystal it takes more than hundred years for it to grow back in olden days or way way before the owner did not respect the cave and ruined it by touching it and braking of the lime stone.
thank you Sophie.

Anonymous said...

nothing nothing at all hope i can see you's all soon miss my friends so much and the teachers see you's all at school on Monday

Anonymous said...

we are having fun

Anonymous said...

that was me and nin whowrote that

Anonymous said...

Where did Freddy go on the holidays?

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