Art by year 4 student

Art by year 4 student
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Thursday, July 25, 2013

David's Daily Diet

As part of our study on healthy eating we decided to study the dietary habits of Mrs Lewis's brother, David. David recorded his diet for a couple of weeks with some very creative drawings, these were given to the students to analyse. Class 4.2 wrote some letters to David with some healthy diet ideas, after David wrote back, the class decided to create some recipes for him. The recipes were of course delivered in a pizza box with some homemade play-dough pizza.

Please post your healthy diet and lifestyle ideas to David below, so he can write back. 

David is enjoying the delivery of his healthy recipes in a pizza box!


Anonymous said...

Hi David, It's me Sofia did you like my recipe.


Anonymous said...

You should get the ingredients to make homemade pizza

Anonymous said...

Yea I did sofia! Thankyou very much. We just got back from the snow and it will be a healthy meal!
From David

Anonymous said...

Hi David! What is the best meal you have ever made? Can you send the recipe? Ok Bye! Mrs Lewis

Anonymous said...

Hi David that is not HEALTHY that is carbohydrates at least make your own pizza

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure about the best meal I've ever made, but I sure like green curry! there's a lot of recipes you can find online or in cookbooks!
- David

Anonymous said...

i luv green curry 2

Anonymous said...

Hi David,
Is the food giving you a lot of weight.


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