Art by year 4 student

Art by year 4 student
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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Creative Writing - Zoo Visit

One day you decide to visit the zoo, you become lost and find yourself in a restricted area where you discover a strange animal that no one has ever seen before. Describe what it looks like.


Anonymous said...

He has 2 hornes, 4 eyes, a neck longer than a giraffes,a fluffy nose,big sabre teeth and and is purple and blue vertical stripes.

Anonymous said...

It is a light blue in the water splashing around, it gets out and it becomes a fiery red. It has no teeth, but a 50 inch long tongue. It has 5 eyes. The top one is a calm green. The one on the left under the top one is bubblegum pink. Next to it is a sunny yellow. And on the far right, it's a beige eye. The bottom eye is glaring and is as dark as a shadow. The animal has too many legs to count. It has a huge stomach, with happens to be the same colour as blood.


Anonymous said...

It is blue and has cute eyes and eats spiders and crawls like a creepy crawly.


Anonymous said...

But that's not all about my monster. He spooks creatures like teachers {especially pipe cleaners} {very funny} because they use them as teddy bears! {laugh}


tom gt said...

it is 123456 meters long, twenty legs, its back is full of spikes

Anonymous said...

It has the head of a dragon, a body of a lion, legs of a cheetah and a tail of a cat


Anonymous said...

he had green and blue stripes,big red eyes and a round purple polka dotted nose.he had pointy orange spikes going all the way down his back.


Anonymous said...

it has the top of a lion and the bottom of an octopus and at is all manga!!! a sign near it says "The very rare, endangered lyopus"!!!!

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