Art by year 4 student

Art by year 4 student
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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Are you hungry?

Do you know a healthy, simple and tasty snack or meal? Post your favourite recipe like this below.


Anonymous said...

I like pasta bake! Even though it is not that healthy. My favourite healthy fruit is mango.

Anonymous said...

When you think some food are tasty-they are actually bad for you. But not all food. I know the perfect fruit-lichies!


Anonymous said...

My favourite food is raviolis.Just randomly.

Anonymous said...

I love Pork ribs with BBQ sauce


Anonymous said...

this may sound disgusting but I love
celery with peanut butter on it.

Anonymous said...

I love celery with peanut butter. One of my favourite afternoon snacks! - Mrs Lewis

Anonymous said...

need: boul rice milk then you put it toogether


Anonymous said...

We should eat lots and tunzs of healthy food and drink lots and tunzs of water. Also we can eat unhealthy but not lots and tunzs


Anonymous said...

this may sound totts gross but i <3(heart) grapes with P.B, tacos , sushi ,and my absolute fave drink is a japanese drink..... aloe!!!

aloe is a drink made out of aloe vera which is a cactus it has little bits of aloe vera in it and it kind of tastes grape bits!

from lux is rad

Anonymous said...

hey peeps i <3 sushi, nutella on tost, celery with P.B, pork ribs, steak and beef madalians from EQ SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOYUUUUUMMMMM!!!

Anonymous said...

i like tuna pasta it is delicious healthy and easy

and the best desert is ( i do not know because there is somany good ones ) my favrouite is either a frit salad our a magnum

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