Art by year 4 student

Art by year 4 student
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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Reciprocal Reading

What is something interesting you have learnt in reading groups?


Anonymous said...

I really like the fact that Egyptians worshipped cobras. - Angus

Anonymous said...

I learnt that we are very lucky to have water and food,that we can use freely.Some people in other countries are suffering.Aneka

Anonymous said...

The books are quite interesting i really like the puffins


Anonymous said...

One day we [4.2] should make our own book and then the other class can read it will be lots of fun


Anonymous said...

I learned about how Egyptians worshipped animals like cats

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading my book in the reading groups and learning about how animals migrate and that baby puffins are called chicks- James

Anonymous said...

good to read about things so you learn and tell other people things that you have read and they will now and they can tell there friends

Anonymous said...

that was fun

Anonymous said...

reciprocal reading is really fun because you get to read as a group. you also learn a lot.

Anonymous said...

i learnt that planes drop food packs and small kids have to collect it.kira

Anonymous said...

I learned that little children and families that are poor just get a little dirty container to put their water in to drink from.
Plus they can just have a certain amount of food for a whole week!
we are lucky!!!


Anonymous said...

The book was really interesting about all kinds of animals and pictures of crabs all over a town and really cool pictures of albatrosses-James

Anonymous said...

I would really like to read more books of this type-James

Anonymous said...

I really liked reading these books.And learning about ancient animals.


Anonymous said...

That is a good idea Cedric


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