Art by year 4 student

Art by year 4 student
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Friday, March 14, 2014

Is it better to play sport than video games?

‘It is better to play sport than video games’. What do you think? 

Present your points of view and arguments.


Anonymous said...

i reccon that sport is better than vidio games

Anonymous said...

I think playing video games is so so so so much better than sport


Anonymous said...

there are cool poster luc

Anonymous said...

sort is way better than video games (I don't really know how to play many video games anyway).


Anonymous said...

I love sport much better than video games because sport actually uses your muscles and you burn off energy


Anonymous said...

I think that sport is way better than video games !!!!!!!!!!!
Sport just like Hockey , Soccer , Basket Ball , Cricket , Base ball & especially BADMINTON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peace Ali

Anonymous said...

sport is better than video games since you're actually doing something else than pressing buttons and that's the reason why i'll say no more

Anonymous said...

These are some great ideas. Thanks for posting boys and girls!
-Mrs Lewis

Anonymous said...

Playing sports is a lot better than playing video games.

(I don't really know how to play any video games.)


Anonymous said...

I really had fun with freddy today.


Anonymous said...

the blog is really fun especially the games like home styler.

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