Art by year 4 student

Art by year 4 student
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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Book Report

Your homework task was to write a book report. If you wish you can submit it here on the blog.
Remember to include the title and author as well as answering the questions below.

1)    What is the book about and why do you like it?
2)    What is the setting of the story? Where does it take place?
3)    Who are the main characters? Describe at least two.
4)    What is the problem or complication in the story? 
5)    How is the problem or complication solved?


Anonymous said...

The Guiness World record 2013

It is about all the record ever made like shortest human longest time juggling 4 soccer balls and heaviest man.

It takes place all over the world and galixy in canberra in texas in melbourn every where!!

The main charecters are the people that do it like Pauline Potter the heaviest women and Usain Bolt fastest living man.

It is proble doing it like a man that carried something that weight around 412 kg u could drop it on your toes or even get your arm ou of place\litterrerly breaking it.

Its solved once u have done it cause pain goes away or u don't have to hold your best smile for ever it could even be solved for the camera man cause he doesn't need to see something freaky

Top dog willy

Anonymous said...

The Secret Garden
Author: Martha Hailey

It's about a girl named Mary Lennox.
When she was born noyone wanted her.
But an Indien nanny looked after her.
Until one day she finds a key to a secret garden long forgotten.
I like it because it's a beautiful and a adventure story.

It takes place at london in the afternoon outside in the garden.

The main ccharacter is Mary lennox and Colin. Mary is selfish,has blonde hair,lives with an Indien nanny and finds a secret garden.
Colin is freindly,has brown hair,loves animals,meets Mary and discovers new animals.

The problem was noyone beleived her and Colin. They say everyone has forgotten about it.

The problem was solved.One men saw it all and beleived her.and he told the master and Mary and her new freinds showed them the secret gardin.

I think everyone should read this book. I hope you love the book.
Thank you for listening


Anonymous said...

I think the best fiction story has to
Narnia: The Silver Chair!
It is about a boy named Eustace and a Girl named Jill. They travel to a faraway land named Narnia. They go on a magical adventure throughout Narnia, and meat famous people like King Caspian, a Marsh-Wiggle named Puddleglum, Aslan the king of all Narnia, who is a lion, they go on a quest to find the lost prince, and meet Giants and Trolls and the Queen of Underland.

The reason I like this book is because of its fantasy, and the idea of combining all mythical creatures from different myths into one big story and the unusual names.
Another reason is Adventure. Throughout the whole series of Narnia and they go on one big quest, even though they are all in separate books. The adventure is so exiting, I can' hold my breath sometimes because I can't wait to hear the next thing that happens.

The main characters are Eustace, Jill, and Puddleglum.
Lets start with Jill. She goes to a school full of bullies that annoy her. She is good at keeping secrets, and she is very sensible. She is very nice, and accidentally knocks Eustace off a cliff.
Next is Eustace. He is a very annoying boy and is often very grumpy. He is a bit of a brat, and can be quite nice sometimes. But that barely ever happens. He goes to the same school as Jill, and is often bullied as well.
And Puddleglum. He is quite hard to describe. He is what in Narnia they call a Marsh-Wiggle. He has hands a bit like a frog.

The lost prince disappears and the queen uses him for various different things.

The three heroes destroy Underland and kill the queen and they make a narrow escape.

By Josh

Anonymous said...

Title: The Twits
Author: Roald Dahl

The Twits is about two awful people and all the trouble they get up to. I like this book because its so funny. It has short chapters, and is a very easy read. It's so good you can read it as many times as you want and you won't get bored!
The Twits takes place at their small, dirty and ugly looking house. Outside they have a garden that goes wild! They have a cage with monkeys that they keep trapped in, how rude and unkind! They also have a big tree.
The two main characters are the two twits, Mrs. Twit and Mr. Twit.
Mrs. Twit: a greedy rude and incredibly ugly woman. She likes playing nasty tricks on Mr. Twit. In total the one word to describe her is AWFUL.
Mr. Twit: Thinks he's the boss of everyone, thinks he's the best, likes playing tricks on Mrs. Twit more than she likes playing them on him! One of the nastiest things he does is that on Wednesday morning he covers the big tree with the stickiest sticky glue he can find. Throughout the day the birds come sit on the tree and find themselves stuck. At night he comes out before dinner and collects the birds. Every Wednesday night for dinner they have bird pie.
The problem is that the Twits are being mean and cruel to the birds, monkeys and everyone else.
As a solution the animals gang up and free the monkeys from their cage. They go inside the house and use the sticky glue to glue everything upside down. The Twits get fooled and stand upside down. The animals had secretly put glue on their heads so they stuck there for ever. The blood flowed into their heads and they eventually died! WOOHOO!


Anonymous said...

Verrrrrrrry goooooooood cecelia leckie

Class Pet 2

Franky the Frog (Freddy's friend)