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Art by year 4 student
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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Send Freddy a message!!

Hi Kids
Its Freddy the frog here! Send me a message and I will write back to you! 
I love to travel and visit different places, whats your favourite thing to do?  
I hope I get to spend some time with you soon! BYE!! 
Love Freddy


Anonymous said...

my favourite activity is travel to do you like anything else. Harrison

Anonymous said...

Hi Harrison! where do you like to travel? I like to climb trees and play fun games!

Anonymous said...

Hi freddy!!! did you enjoy coming to my house on monday???


Anonymous said...

Hi Isabella! I had heaps of fun at your place. Thanks for having me!!
Love Freddy

Anonymous said...

Hi Freddy,
I love when you when you do cart wheels and play at night because it feels like I have a baby brother. We can go shopping for cloths,tadpoles and flies with salt water stock to make stew.I hope you can come to my house and we can play my iPad,watch scooby doo and make a book for Mrs Lewis and David.

love SASKIA!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Saskia! Yeah cartwheels are cool, I think you an me could be famous gymnasts! If we looked for tadpoles we might find some of my brothers and sisters! I would love to eat a stew with salt water stock. What games do you like to play on your iPad?
Love Freddy

Anonymous said...

hey fredddy i have question for you how much do you like going to sacha's house ???

tig <3

Anonymous said...

i hope i can get freddyu
from lexi!!!!

Anonymous said...

eventually i will be getting freddy again since i am a very good boy.


Anonymous said...

hi miss lewis i had fun when i got freddy
from LEXI!!!!

Anonymous said...

dear freddy

I hope you enjoyed your time at my house on wensday.

Anonymous said...

What is your favorite place


Anonymous said...

HI Freddy

I love to play Minecraft, fashion games and pocket frogs.

whats your FAVORITE!!

love Saskia

Anonymous said...

Hi freddy I hope I have you SOON!!!!!!!!!

from Max

Anonymous said...

fredy the frog gos every were

from jake

Anonymous said...

hi freddy i hope you liked going to my house frome aisha

Anonymous said...

Hi Freddo i hope you come back to my house do you?


Anonymous said...

hi freddy did you like it at my house?did you have fun?

from pauline

Anonymous said...

woud you like to come to my house perry

Anonymous said...

freddy loves the comfy place at my house he said because its a pent house its awesome.LEXI!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hi Freddy I hope you come again it was fun.
From Sophie

Anonymous said...

Hi Freddy!
How old are you?Do you like puddle jumping or leap frog?
Have you ever been to Mrs Lewis's house????Do you like going to other peoples houses like an exchange student or do you miss your pond home?????


Anonymous said...

Freddy its me Sofia remember do you want to visit my house again and play with my freinds


Anonymous said...

FREDDY have you gone to Korea ?


Anonymous said...

hey freddy how old are u

P.S how many journeys\countries have u been to


Anonymous said...

Hi Everybody!!!
Wow there are so many questions to answer! luckily I have being using typing web to get better at my typing, so I will try to write lots and lots and lots and lots!!!

Well I do like to travel, I like to travel everywhere. Sometimes if I am not travelling I imagine myself going into outer space because I think it would be super fun to float around like an astronaut.

My favourite place is lots of places because I love to visit the students in 4.1 and 4.2. I get to have lots of fun at their places and play lots of funny games.

Hi Sidonie I sometimes go to Mrs Lewis's but it often means I am getting a wash and hanged outside to dry. I would rather go to a kids place and play games. Mrs Lewis sometimes stitches my holes so I don't lose to much of my insides! It tickles!

As for my age, Mrs Lewis found me about 5 years ago and I have being adopted to kids houses since then.

Hi Dain, I haven't visited Korea, but I would like to one day. Hi Will, Mrs Lewis has photos of me in lots of famous places like Egypt, Paris, China, Great Barrier Reef. (The photos are on my luggage bag)

I do sometimes miss my frog home, but I think it is so exciting visiting kids places that I forget about it.

My favourite colour is green. I love cuddles and to sit at the dinner table watching people eat. I like any game that is fun. I enjoy flying through the air like I have super powers. I often have the same look on my face but thats because I am always busy thinking of fun ideas.

I hope I get to visit all your places again soon!

Love from

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Hi Freddy, i hope u can come visit my house one day!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I love going to sacha's house we have so much fun i wish i could go their more often sacha is my best friend ever freddy the frog

Anonymous said...

Ferddy is the BEST😄


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Franky the Frog (Freddy's friend)